Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Projector Headlights: A Trendy Multi Purposed Accessory For Your Vehicle

Have you upgraded your vehicle with latest projector headlights in the market? If you haven’t done it yet, MXS moto sport can do it for you by providing the latest version of these headlights at very nominal price. The concept of Projector Headlights was originated 20 years ago in Germany and it is being upgraded vastly since then. If you wish to purchase the newest kind of headlights, MXS can be your final destination. This style and safety accessory can change the look of your vehicle entirely.

The main use of projector headlights is to provide the required focus light while a person a driving a car or a bike in the night. This useful accessory gives a perfect flow of light on the roads without any scattered beams. It helps a driver in preventing road accidents to the maximum. This is the major reason that the company have initiated to introduce this vehicle accessory vastly.

Apart from the light and safety purpose, these projector headlights by MXS moto sport plays a major role  in enhancing the look of your vehicle and  makes it looks more stylish. Especially, people who use more bikes than cars are more interested in buying this accessory. It can change the look of your vehicle entirely. Also, you don’t have to worry at all about the price range as it is kept very nominal by the company.

Earlier, people used traditional reflector style headlights for car. But today, projector headlights have bought the trend of latest lens based car lightening. It helps the person in driving more safely in night as it enables lens positioning for a better comfort while driving.

On the other hand, Projector Headlights In India are introduced by MXS moto sport includes angel eye headlights, halo projector headlights and LED projector headlights etc. You must try out this accessory for a better driving experience throughout your life.

Sunday, 8 June 2014

Do You Need Projector Headlights

Project headlights are replacing the traditional ones nowadays. But the big question is that do you actually need them? The project headlights in India have become quite a common phenomenon with more and more people opting for them. They usually come with cars that have Xenon lights installed on them. The purpose of these Projector Headlights is to angle the beams so they do not blind oncoming traffic. You have probably seen people with these halo projector lights. 

Projector Headlights

Many people actually refit by taking the projectors of those vehicles and installing it on their own. Doing this is very complicated and requires quite a bit of work and is definitely recommended getting done by a professional. LED lights also accompany the projectors sometimes. If you have seen the new Audi vehicles you probably have noticed on the bottom of the headlight a line of little bulbs. Many people see this and want this on their vehicle so they buy the halo projector headlights with LED. You can also get them in different colors including black, chrome, and clear housing. It all depends what sort of look you are trying to get for your vehicle.

There are various companies that sell these lighting products; from replacement headlights, tail lights to brake lights. Name it and they surely have it. You can also buy them online. Most of these shops have their own website from where you can choose from a wide variety. But before giving your car a makeover, choose wisely where to get your lights from and where to have it done. Go for online research or better ask your friends, rather that diving into the pool of trial and error. Hopefully these useful tips will drive you towards a better choice in picking the best headlights for your ride.

Saturday, 15 March 2014

Projector Headlights, Projector Headlights India

MXS Moto Sports owes an eminent name in providing the best deals in Projector Headlights India. For years the company is successfully equipping Projector Headlights, aftermarket and performance related parts, both for two and four wheelers. MXS Moto Sport considers in turning the ideas into realities by following the motto of “Art in Motion”. Over the years, the MXS Moto Sport has earned itself a significant number of cognizable tie-ups with manufacturers and distributors across the country, thereby enlarging the product portfolio horizontally to serve their clients with more options to choose from. Furthermore, the company possesses a team of skilled professionals, who can readily help rookies looking for that quick piece of advice, whether if it’s a first time customization of their wheels or at times when budget is a concern. Each of the accessories available for MXS Moto Sport has to go through a systematic quality check before hitting the souk. This process had earned credibility factor for the company’s reputation. The main idea is to make sure that the buyer is getting the best product without getting cheated. The modification kit of MXS Moto Sport comprises Projector Headlights, Projector Headlamps, Angel eye, Bi-xenon Headlights and Led Projector Headlights. To make it handier the company also facilitates its customers with an online shopping option where the product is getting delivered right at their doorsteps. A wide-range of products, Impressive pricing along with stress-free transparent dealings; what more an automobile enthusiast can ask for? Considering all above factors one can really say that MXS Moto Sport is one of the best names to bank upon when it comes to automobile accessories and Projector Headlights India!

Friday, 7 February 2014

Projector Headlights

It has been sixteen years and now MXS Moto Sport is counted amongst the foremost online stores of India that commits to offer a complete and cognizable aftermarket solution to its clients. They have a wide collection of automobile accessories including Projector Headlights, Projector Headlamps, Angel eye, Bi-xenon Headlights and Led Projector Headlights. The company deals with two modes of modifications that are either based on performance or looks. The mod jobs performed by MXS Moto Sport gives the customers a feeling of contentment as that of owning a posh vehicle but at an evenhanded cost. Because of its excellence providing service, MXS Moto Sport got recognitions from Tech Hardy, the prominent distributor for exhaust. Apart from these accessories, clip on handlebars, stylish graphics and stickers, mag-alloy wheels, rear view mirrors, tuned exhaust silencer are few among many primary components that MXS Moto Sport’s modification kit comes with. To maintain a similar top-end quality, each of these accessories undergo a series of stern tests based on few parameters before being rolled out in the market. All these quality control evaluations are done taking two behemoth factors into account, i.e. customer satisfaction and a pocket- friendly price .The laudable on-time delivery provision of the company makes it the first-on-the go choice of the buyers. The first-rate team of MXS Moto Sport is ever-ready to help out anyone about any modification related queries. The company manages to keep up the similar level of competence in after sales service as Projector Headlights India that of the pre-sales. It believes that the buyer-seller relationship with a customer doesn’t end at selling a product but continuing to avail all sorts of after-sales assistance to the buyer then and where required from the support team in order to make the customer feel worthy and endure  a healthy rapport.

Thursday, 30 January 2014

Projector Headlights

“Art in Motion”, as they say; MXS Moto Sports is the name that truly amazes an automobile enthusiasts which when it comes to equipping your ride with aftermarket Projector Headlights, body fabrication and performance parts. The unending range of daytime lights, Bi- Xenon lights, HID kit,, angel eyes for bike and car which clearly defines their Projector Headlights range as the flagship segment over the rest. If a customer wishes to pamper his ride, MXS Moto Sport is the place to be. Be it ghost shadow lights, Led light for your door straps, custom made steering wheel, car d├ęcor vinyl or custom alloy wheels of different rim sizes, you name it they have it.  Bag any of these aftermarket parts and accessories to upgrade the brains and miens of their vehicle. Over the years, MXS Moto Sport has earned itself a significant number of cognizable tie-ups with manufacturers and distributors across the entire country thereby enlarging the product portfolio horizontally to serve their clients with more options to choose from. Furthermore, the company possesses a team of skilled professionals, who can readily help rookies looking for that quick piece of advice, whether if it’s a first time customization of their wheels or at times when budget is a concern. However, what contributes to their credibility factor is the consistent quality in every product segment they come up with. One of the sturdiest factor for dealing with MXS Moto Sport is being the fact that the buyer need not be physically present to collect what he/she ordered for. Through online shopping provision MXS Moto Sport send them promptly Projector Headlights India at customers’ doorstep. It is because of this level of convenience, that has drawn the attention of female enthusiasts too; who often face difficulty shopping for an auto product in the open market. Competitive prices, hassle free selling, widest choice and transparent deal; what more one can wish for?

Thursday, 23 January 2014

Projector Headlights

It was in the year 1997 when MXS Moto Sport was born in the capital city of Delhi. Ever since then, they had strict adherence to the demands of the dynamic market with sole aim of coming up with something new to the domestic automobile souk. It was this professional commitment that helped MXS Moto Sport expand its business portfolio into other major cities of India namely Bangalore, Kolkata and Chennai. Soon after it was the tool of web marketing which helped it reach out for the overseas market as well. Their trading segment spans from aftermarket, performance parts to Projector Headlights for motorbikes and cars. Any part of any vehicle not sourced from its original maker is otherwise known as aftermarket motor parts. These days majority of automobile owners are setback with problem of unavailability of spare parts due shortfall in production and delayed supply chains. In such scenario MXS Moto Sport is a name in Indian market that the auto enthusiasts can rely upon, offering the widest range of spares for cars and bikes. Right from foundation MXS Moto Sport is known for its durable and unswerving service to the customers. The wide range of Projector Headlight accessories including Projector Headlamps, and Angel eye, Bi-xenon Headlights, Led Projector Headlights are manufactured from high quality glass and are designed to deliver more powerful lighting on the road. These Projector Headlights come in size and shape of over a hundred variants, widely meeting the choice of buyers for cars and bikes of every make and manner. Those include big honchos like Hero Honda, Kawasaki, Vespa, KTM, Chevrolet, Fiat, Nissan, Maruti and many more.


Thursday, 16 January 2014

Projector Headlights

In the Indian capital MXS Moto Sport was spotted celebrating its 16thanniversary speaking volumes about the success story in both local and overseas market. Apart from Delhi, it has extended its roots in cities like Kolkata, Bangalore and Chennai. These days, the customers get a reasonable scope for buying due to wide availability and accessibility of aftermarket, ProjectorHeadlights and performance parts in the market. The market as we know have problems of duplicity. From that perspective MXS Moto Sport holds a name on which one can rely on without a hitch when it comes to getting authenticaftermarket, performance parts and Projector Headlights exclusively for motorbikes and cars.

MXS Moto Sport is one of the outstanding companies which provide high quality spare parts in the extensive range for all vehicles from Hero Honda, Kawasaki, Vespa, KTM to Chevrolet, Fiat, Nissan, Maruti and many more. With a well-developed supply chain and tie ups with manufacturers and wholesalers in Indiaas well as in the global space, the organization stocks aftermarket body fabrication accessories like Door Still Guards, Car Steering, Muffler, Tacho Meter, Disk Plates, Bar Ends, Side Mirrors and  almost everything else that a targeted buyer can think of. The brand trades with Projector Headlights; one of its flagship segment which spans from Projector Headlamps, Angel illuminations , Bi-xenon Headlights, Led Projector Headlights,aftermarket Lights : 3D Logo Light, Door Shadow Light, Knight Rider Scanner Light etcetera. Apart from all these electrical  mod parts, MXS Moto Sport also has to offer a wide range of explanatoryriding  gears and on the road trappings like those of Balaclava, Gloves, Chest Guard , Helmet and many more. When it comes to durability and costing of the aftermarket spares MXS Moto Sport has been thoughtful and fathomed the factors that define its targeted bargain hunter.